Friday, 7 March 2014

Great Day at Crufts 2014

Judge: Lesley Lee (Stargus)

Veteran Dog
1st CH Jokyl Captain Scarlet
2nd Prince Of Atryal

CH Jokyl Captain Scarlet

Special Puppy Dog
1st Crillee Catch by Surprise
2nd Crillee Catcher in the Rye

Crillee Catch by Surprise
Special Junior Dog
1st JCH Sunnily Baron Raffael
2nd Clydebrook Spiced Rum
Res Doraemi Krakkajax for Tobadale 
VHC Jecadie Enhanced Solar Ray

JCH Sunnily Baron Raffael

Post Graduate Dog
1sst Cooper of the Ockenhome
2nd Rus Kornels Simvol Pobedy
3rd Sherifs Red Beret
Res Crillee Cool Raider
VHC Smockalley the Joker

Cooper of the Ockenhome
Limit Dog
1st Catch Me if You Can at Jodean
2nd Toulsyork Fisty Filbert
3rd Oaksteaire the Maestro at Grayaire
Res Black Prince of Caradaire
VHC Nedella Sparks in the Park at Arngansk

Catch Me if You Can at Jodean
Open Dog
1st Royal Esquire Raider's Antania, CC
2nd Jokyl Star Turn, Res CC
3rd CH Toulsyork Delfy Dexter
Res Glentops Hugh Bett
VHC CH Big Lady's Iron Duke

Royal Esquire Raider's Antania
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog
1st Nedella Sparks in the Park at Arngask
2nd Saffronstars Stargazer
3rd Sherifs Red Hot

Veteran Bitch
1st Thistleaire Cracklin Rosie 
2nd CH Minnisoda Calender Girl
3rd Magwyr be Dazzled
Res Laroks Loriel Solta Dall Italia

Thistleaire Cracklin Rosie
Special Puppy Bitch
1st Beacytan Black Pearl, Best Puppy
2nd Jaymitch Jaunty Panachon
3rd Clydebrook City Lights
Res Vivavick Tittletattle
VHC Brisline's Born in the USA for Daedal

Beacytan Black Pearl
Special Junior Bitch
1st Jokyl Simply Red
2nd Crillee Cool Scarlet
3rd Doraemi Kiki Dee
Res Nedella All Spice at Ellwoodkings
VHC Nedella Olympic Medallist from Buddonwood

Jokyl Simply Red
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Muliebrity Rilletta 
2nd Rus Kornels Sama Dragotsennost
3rd Rus Kornels Erika Zolotaya
Res Saredon First Alexandria
VHC Vivavick Supercilious

Muliebrity Rilletta
Limit Bitch
1st Muliebrity Ocana
2nd Crillee Carry on Baby
3rd Jaymitch Gift Before Dawn
Res Russtam Star Princes
VHC Jokyl Starlet

Muliebrity Ocana
Open Bitch
1st CH Katerina's Land Spicy Cherry, CC, Best Of Breed
2nd CH Valeria of the Aire Victory, Res CC
3rd Jecadie Dipped in Spice
Res CH Really Amazing Raider Antania
VHC CH Komet Alexandria Raider's Antania

CH Katerina's Land Spicy Cherry
CH Katerina's Land Spicy Cherry
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch
1st Daielsie Jans Go Girl Go
2nd Nedella All Spice at Ellwoodkings
3rd Nedella Olympic Medallist from Buddonwood
VHC Wendaire Jokers Angels Kiss